Kla villa

The site of this residential villa lies in Lahore in Pakistan's eastern province of Punjab. The design of this house has largely been influenced by contemporary modern architecture. Planning this villa is an innovative step towards a holistic approach to design. Design is formed by a play of vertical and horizontal lines in a creative way. 

home ideas exterior

All the rooms and spaces of this building open to the spectacular green views and connect with nature. Natural lighting and natural ventilation are provided for every space of the villa. A soft elegant colour scheme has been chosen to enhance the sensuous experience of the users. 

interior ideas

Pure white paint and light grey textured concrete surfaces complement well with each other. Some contrasting colors such as dark brown and black are intensifying the aesthetics of the whole space. The built-up area of the structure is 1208 sq.m. (13000 sq.ft.). 

beautiful house

elegant house


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