Take a look at some of our previous projects. While working on these projects, we like to ensure that the design connects well with nature and encourages the well-being of its users.

Moh VillaDesign is inspired by Mediterranean architecture. Key elements of the Mediterranean style are derived from the villa facade.
Sba villaThe main focal point of the villa is the central circular landscaped area. Around this round green outdoor area, all other spaces have been composed parallel to the curves. 
Aak villaClient's interest was inclined towards contemporary design scheme. This villa is designed on minimal contemporary architectural style. 
Abd mosqueMain concept of this mosque is derived from the traditional mosque architecture. Traditional Islamic elements are complementing with the modern contemporary design. 
Kla villaDesign of this house has largely been influenced by contemporary modern architecture. Planning of this villa is an innovative step towards holistic approach to design.
Ahi villaAhi villa is located in Pakistan's cosmopolitan city of Lahore. This villa is designed for a small family. Design of the villa is based on the idea of minimalism style of architecture.