Aak villa

This villa lies in Defence Housing Authority (DHA), a posh housing scheme in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. Client's interest was inclined towards contemporary design scheme. This villa is designed on minimal contemporary architectural style. 

dha karachi

Main concept of this design focuses on the landscaped views visible from each space. For this purpose large glazing windows are provided. Natural and neutral colour scheme has been adopted for exterior as well as interiors. defence lahore

To highlight some masses, different colours and textures are applied. Front room on ground floor is cladded with light grey rough finish of concrete with horizontal texture. Courtyard on first floor is given dark blue tint to enhance the aesthetics of the facade. Windows are topped with walnut wood. Built up area of this house is 836 sq.m. (11860 sq.ft.). 

dha islamabad

dha lahore


  1. Hannah
    April 10, 2021, at 11:58 am REPLY

    wow thisa villa is good i wish i could live here with my family