Ten Different Types of Residential Buildings

During ancient times, humans built their domestic houses by using locally available building materials such as mud, wood, sun-dried bricks, thatch, etc. With time, these temporary primitive dwellings evolved into durable strong structures with different styles of architecture.

A residential building is a building where people live, it is a place used for dwelling purposes and provided with sleeping facilities. It also gives shelter from harsh environmental conditions. The housing market is at the top of demand because everyone requires some living space in their life.

There are many types of houses and residential buildings with different architectural themes.

Single-family house or private villa

Single-family houses are individual private dwellings or villas, usually owned by one family. One can get a lot of privacy in this type of residence.

Villa architecture is built using different types of construction technologies. Villa architecture or bungalow architecture may be designed in a way to have nature indoors with spectacular views of outdoor greenery from every corner of the house.

They are available in various sizes in Pakistan such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal in some of the elite housing societies such as the Defence Housing Authority in big metropolitan cities, i.e., Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and they are accessible by wide roads.


Townhouses are houses where one or two walls are shared between the two houses. They are connected in a row, with each house having its separate entrance. They are generally two or more floors high and may have a front and a backyard.

Townhouses may be designed to have a uniform appearance. They are sometimes designed in a way that each house is different from the neighbouring house, which gives a very unique look to the whole row of houses.


A duplex is a house where two living units are attached to one building. They can be either side by side or built on top of one another. Each living unit has its separate entrance giving privacy to each family. They may have some open green areas at the front and/or backside.

A triplex is a house with three accommodation units, while a quadruplex has four units.


five star hotel

A penthouse is an apartment on the upper floor of a building. It is a small dwelling built on the roof, usually the rooftop, with a surrounding outdoor area. They are small comfortable accommodation units with setbacks from the outer parapet walls. They are usually designed differently from the other dwelling units in the same building and are equipped with luxurious materials and facilities.  



A farmhouse is a dwelling constructed on a farm or rural land. These are the houses built on the agricultural lands for the inhabitants away from their usual residences. As they are surrounded by a farm or a landscaped setting, one can come here to spend quality time around the greenery and nature. They also have barns built near them. Farmhouse architecture should provide relaxation and warmth for the occupants.

Apartment or Flat

high-rise apartment

An apartment is an accommodation unit in a building, equipped with its own entrance, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom facilities. There are different types of apartments such as studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, etc.

There are some common areas in the entire building which are shared by all occupants. Apartment design should incorporate every inch of the area. They should be designed in a way that makes the spaces look open and welcoming.

Condominium or Condo

A condominium is a building with several apartments where each apartment is individually owned. In these separately owned apartments, there are specific common areas that are shared by all other owners.


A hostel is an economic dwelling unit where people rent a bed or a bunk bed. They share common areas like a lounge, kitchen, or bathroom. Some rooms can have their separate private bathroom and some have shared.

Dormitory or Dorm

A dormitory is a large room designed to accommodate many people who are not usually related to each other. It provides sleeping facilities to the occupants. Generally, they are built at a school, college, or university for the students. It is a large room having several beds for individuals and they are usually without separate bathrooms.    


A hotel is a building that provides accommodation, food, and other services to tourists and travellers for short-term dwellings. A hotel room may have all the basic living facilities. There may be other additional facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, gymnasium, sauna, spa, dining, etc.

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