9 Tips for Decorating Any Apartment

Decorating an apartment combines function and aesthetics in a very personal way. The way you create your living space reflects you and how you want to live. Whether you have a cosy studio or a multi-bedroom flat, tips for decorating any apartment go beyond your space’s size.

Embrace the interior designer inside you by redefining your living space. There are easy yet creative ways to add beauty and practicality to your flat. Here are nine decorating tips for any apartment, regardless of its size.

Apartment Decorating Tips

1. Make your space light and bright

When looking for a place to live, we often seek out spaces that are filled with light. Being able to soak in light from the outside makes us feel relaxed and happy. There are easy ways to maximise light in your flat, even if it is small or not positioned well for optimal exposure to natural light. Consider using lighter or natural colours to make a space feel brighter.

2. Use the right lighting

Lighting helps bring character and life to spaces. It is also another way to add light, but the wrong addition could distract from your design goals or impact function. Think about adding recessed lighting, cabinet lights and freestanding lamps, for example. Try to avoid large or bulking overhead lighting in small spaces as these might make a space look small and cluttered.

3. Do not forget about the function

While style is important in interior design, you should never overlook or forget about function when designing an apartment. For example, ensure appliances are in the right places by allowing a professional like a plumber to do the job. Designing and installing a new kitchen without considering plumbing and electrical layouts can have costly implications. When designing your flat, consider how you will use the space to help inform your decisions.

4. Create space with smart storage

Stackable storage, hidden shelves, under-bed drawers and collapsible furniture are just some creative ways to introduce storage space without making your space look cluttered. At the same time, smart storage helps you neatly organise things out of sight. You optimise your space without sacrificing the ability to keep essentials at home. When picking storage solutions, remember the future so you have enough room to grow.

5. Add focal points

A statement piece is a fantastic way of drawing attention to an area. It also distracts from any problem spots in your flat! Create a gallery feel by hanging paintings, photographs or other interesting pieces to a wall, or add a unique feature like a striking rug or retro furniture. Choosing the right furniture can also draw attention while also complementing the rest of your apartment’s décor and style. Whatever you pick, choose things that reflect your style and personality so your space feels like your own.

6. Create cohesion with colours, textures and patterns

Similar or complementary colours and patterns are great ways to create a coordinated look. Similarly, textures add character and depth to your interior design. Small touches like matching colours and textures throughout your space help your apartment feel more cohesive and connected. For example, having pillows in your living room that match colours in your bedroom or similar wood grains throughout your flat.

7. Create natural dividers

It can be difficult to define spaces in some apartments, especially smaller or open-plan ones. Using seating is one way to help naturally divide spaces without adding clutter or barriers that impact the flow of your space. Rugs can also be used to help define a space. For example, a rug by your sofa or bed helps to set boundaries for each space. Avoid using different flooring to do this, which can look awkward in small and open-plan apartments.

8. Think about comfort

Like not neglecting function, you should consider comfort when designing a flat. You need to enjoy your space. Pick furniture that supports your body like ergonomic chairs or sofas with deep cushions or high backs. It may be tempting to pick a piece of furniture because it matches your colour scheme or aesthetic, but you want to be able to sit and relax after your design project!

9. Create illusions of space and light with mirrors

A tried and tested solution for creating light and space are mirrors. Adding mirrors reflects light to make your flat look brighter, especially when using larger ones. Mirrors also help bring light into poorly lit spaces. They also make rooms feel larger, particularly smaller spaces.

Feel like a pro!

Designing your apartment is easy when you consider how you will use your space. Think about storage, function and comfort. Once you understand these elements, you can create a space that looks beautiful and reflects your style.