Why You Should Install a Detached Garage Building?

According to the Census Bureau's Annual Housing Survey, as of 2021, approximately two-thirds of housing units in the United States were equipped with either a garage or a carport.

During the 1940s, the attached garage became more prevalent. Have you considered how a detached garage would affect your home? It's worth contemplating how this addition could enhance your property value and increase storage space.

A detached garage building is a self-contained unit with all the features of a conventional garage. You can include all accessories like lighting, heating, or cooling units. It serves as a multipurpose unit and can be customized and expanded further. 

Considering these factors, it may be worth looking into the benefits of a detached garage for your home.


Often people use their garages to store insecticides, pesticides, paints, or gas. These could leak toxic fumes, seeping into your house and causing health issues. Further, gas can cause ignition due to heat or surface friction with other stored stuff. Having a garage that is attached to your home can increase the risk of a fire spreading quickly.

With a detached metal garage, you can reduce the exposure to dangerous gases like carbon monoxide emitted from your vehicle. 


An intruder can access your home through an open window or unlocked doors in your attached garage. With a detached garage building, no one can easily access your home. There is no lapse in security as the detached metal garage has no direct entryway to your home. 

Design Option

An attached garage looks overwhelming, especially if you have a small house. A huge garage door at the entry of your home seems exceptionally dominant and reduces the overall aesthetics. A separate garage minimizes the effect of garage-dominated façade.

If you want to build a detached garage, you can place it in your backyard or at an angle to the house, making it a small cottage. However, this is not possible with an attached garage. Constructing a living area on top of your prefabricated metal building is possible. There are no design restrictions placed on it by the main house.


You get plenty of space with a separate garage. Apart from your car, you can store away materials like electronic equipment. Who couldn't use extra space? This space can be transformed into a workshop or utilized for DIY projects. With a detached metal garage, you can customize it as needed. 

Lessen Noise

One can use their garage as a separate space from the rest of their house. Unwanted noise is eliminated in a detached garage, creating a distraction-free environment. Plus, if you plan to use any power tool that makes a lot of noise or practice an instrument, your family members won't be disturbed by the noise. You can enjoy the serene moment in the noiseless environment of your prefabricated metal building.

If infants or toddlers are in your household, avoiding disrupting their nap time is essential.


Do you like socializing with your friends or playing cards or board games? A separate garage makes it convenient to invite people to your space without bothering the rest of your family. You don't have to worry about cleaning the entire home after your guest leaves. 

You can invite a friend to assist you with your DIY project or hobby without notifying everyone in the house. You can accessorize your prefabricated metal building by adding proper lighting and cooling or warming solutions.  

House Aesthetics

Don't you want your house to be insta-worthy? A detached garage building means you have an open front yard. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor area by incorporating creative landscaping ideas. You can consider options like building flower beds, designing a serene pond, or installing a charming cobblestone pathway to elevate the overall look of your surroundings. You can also add a patio area for outdoor sitting or a kitchen garden. If you want to sell, an eye-catching house can attract more buyers. You will get a better price listing. A prefabricated metal building will add value to your property.

An Office Space

A separate garage can be converted into an office space. Being disconnected from the main home, you can store all your documents and files away from your kids' reach. It will save on commute time as you can work from the comfort of your home.

Better Organization

You can arrange your tools and equipment to access them easily. The detached garage can be customized as you want. You can prevent accidents by storing potentially hazardous tools such as drills and electric saws in a separate garage away from the reach of curious children. You can keep your spare car parts, small engine parts, or musical equipment in your metal garage

Convert it into a Workshop

If you like DIY projects that involve heavy machinery or mechanical tools, you can convert your detached metal garage into a fully functioning workspace. You can spend hours working on your project as there would be less to no disturbance. Further, you can display all your work in your garage.

Organize a Garage Sale

Have you cluttered your house with items that serve no purpose? Organize a garage sale. Place all your unwanted items for resale in your garage. This will help declutter your home and make money.

Get some Fresh Air

One can stroll through their property and admire the lovely scenery from their garage to their house. A separate garage can earn green points when seeking certification from environmental building practices. This is because it helps prevent toxic fumes from entering your home.

It may seem unusual for older buildings to have an attached garage, as they were not initially designed for it. Due to space limitations, living in a densely populated neighbourhood with closely spaced houses may make it impossible to have an attached garage.

A detached garage building serves multiple purposes and can be a great option if you're considering building a metal garage.