How Art Deco Architecture Inspired The Rest of Society

Art Deco architecture skyrocketed in the 1920s and 1930s. During this era, technical possibilities increased significantly, so more unique and intricate architecture was enabled, hence the Art Deco era was born. One of the most iconic Art Deco buildings that fully embodies the style is the Chicago Board of Trade building.

The architecture at this time was always sleek but certainly not minimal, featuring bold geometric shapes and bright colours. This style took the world by storm and began to inspire all areas of society. So, we’re going to look at other areas of life inspired by Art Deco, and the impact the era continues to have. 


One of the biggest areas of society to be influenced by Art Deco architecture was fashion. Moving back to just 10 or 20 years before, fashion was still very conservative. However, following World War I, everything changed. Decadence and glamour completely took over, with bright colours and exaggerated accessories taking over.

Fashion also got much more daring, as life changed post-war and people felt a new sense of freedom. It was still classy, but the silhouettes certainly changed and gave people the opportunity to express themselves. The geometric shapes and long lines seen in architecture were certainly mirrored in fashion, marking a point of change towards a much more anti-traditional society. 


Next, we have jewellery, which also strongly mirrored Art Deco architecture. Again, the era marked a clear change in how jewellery was designed, with it being extremely bold and beautiful. Bright diamonds and gemstones were often the centrepieces, with technological advancements enabling new and more complex cuts, including emerald, cabochon and step cuts.

Cluster designs were also very popular, often creating a larger ring that demanded attention. Art Deco engagement rings were often quite intricate, with beautiful settings and stunning designs. 

The expert craftsmanship and stunning designs used mean that these pieces continue to circulate today and are extremely popular. Vintage jewellers will likely house an array of Art Deco pieces for you to browse, no matter your budget.  


In the Art Deco era, the design of cars in terms of their beauty was taken into account more than ever before. Cars started to feature more appealing rounded edges, they were more comfortable and they had long fenders over the wheels, creating a regal and striking finish.

There was also lots of chrome featured across the cars, creating an exceptional finish. These kinds of cars were still reserved for the very rich and there certainly wouldn’t have been very many on the roads, but the expertise used to create them means that many 1920’s classic cars are still for sale today. 

Final Thoughts

The Art Deco era was iconic for so many reasons, and the breathtaking Art Deco architecture style continues to amaze today, as so many buildings across the world are standing firm.

Aside from the architecture, so many other areas of society were influenced by it, resulting in a world consumed by this stunning style that continues to be very popular today. Some of the world's most famous architects contributed to Art Deco buildings, so it’s no wonder they became so widely popular. 

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