Extension Options To Increase The Space In Your Home!

If you’re looking for that extra bit of space in your home as an alternative to the hassle of buying somewhere new, you’re in the right place.

We’re here with four different ways you can utilise your existing property, whether you’re looking for just one extra room or two stories worth. Whilst these do require an investment, when you go to sell your property, it will add significant value to your home.

Traditional Extension

First up, we have the traditional extension options. You can extend your home over either one or two floors or you can extend to the side if the space is there. You do need planning permission for extensions and they are a big investment, however when it’s done well with a reputable architect and builder, if you do sell, you’ll more than make your money back. Your options are endless when it comes to modern home extensions, whether you want to extend your kitchen and also add an extra bedroom and bathroom upstairs, or perhaps you want a slightly larger kitchen and then room for a downstairs bathroom and laundry room. With extra space in your home, you can do whatever you want to.


Another option is a conservatory. If you love your garden and want to bridge the gap between the garden and the indoors of your home, this can be perfect. Conservatories often get a negative image of being excessively chilly during winter and overly sweltering in summer however when you get double-glazed windows and good conservatory roof insulation, it can be a usable space. In the summer, if you get big wide doors, it can be such a lovely space, especially when you have guests over. Plus, when attached to your kitchen, it can open up the entire space.

Garden Studio

If you don’t want to specifically build on your home, then getting a garden studio is a great alternative if you have a decent amount of garden space. This is a completely separate outbuilding for your home that can have so many purposes, from an outdoor entertainment space, a movie room, a gym, a summer house or anything in between! Something that is particularly popular with this is a home office, as you can be fully separate from your actual home whilst still benefiting from being at home. Another benefit is you usually don’t need planning permission for this!

Loft Conversion

Next up, you could convert your loft. Many people think their loft is full of things they really need, however, more often than not, a lot of it can be stored elsewhere in the home or might not be needed at all! Loft conversions are fantastic for creating another bedroom with a stunning design, especially if you get skylights fitted. You could get a decent amount of built-in wardrobes as well to help with storage, or potentially a cupboard for the things that can’t be stored elsewhere in your home, like suitcases or your Christmas tree. People often underestimate how much space is in their loft, however, it can be a stunning, large space for you to enjoy.

Garage Conversion

Last but not least, you could consider a garage conversion. If you have a lot of garden equipment then this one might not be as viable, however, if currently your garage isn’t used for much, then a conversion is a great way to transform the space.

You have options here, whether to keep it as an external room and just have it fully insulated or you could have it connected to your home if you’re ready for a slightly bigger project.