A Guide To Making Your Rented Property Feel Like Home

When living in a rented property, there are many things you can do to make it feel like a home. However, if your landlords are difficult and restrict you from customising your home then it can be hard to make it your home.

Sometimes, a landlord won’t even allow you to change the colour of your walls. However, some landlords allow you to do this so make sure you speak with them before you make any changes. 

When living in a rented home, it doesn’t feel like your home. Nonetheless, there are a few things you can change when it comes to making your rented property feel like it is yours.


The first thing you can do is change the furniture, which is a great way to make it your home. If the furniture is already in the rented property before you move in, you must ask your landlord. If they are ok with you swapping out the furniture for your own then do it.

However, they may ask you to store it whilst you live there. They want to use the old furniture once you leave or else there will be no furniture for the next tenants. 


Lighting is another essential way to customise your home. Furthermore, it is an affordable option to give it that homely feel. Additionally, there are many different lights you can choose from in an interior lighting store.

Plus, you can even change the light shade on the primary lights in your room. It allows you to match with the other colours in the room. 


Up next is paintings which are also great for making your home feel like a rented property. However, there are a few things to consider before you start hanging things up in your home. 

Sometimes, a landlord won’t want you hanging up paintings on the wall. Sometimes, they might not want you to hang things up that could damage them. Therefore, you must use command strips to ensure you don’t take the paint off the walls. 


Sometimes the rented property of your home is too small. Sometimes the furniture takes up too much room already in there, however, there is a hack to ensure you are maximising the size of your home. A great way to do this is by adding mirrors around your room. 

The good thing about mirrors is that you don’t need to hang them up, especially if they are vertical mirrors. Just ensure you put a cloth behind the wall to ensure you don’t damage it when you lean the mirror against the wall.

Soft Furnishings

Up next is soft furnishings which are another great way to make your rented home feel like you own it. However, these can be more expensive depending on what you want to change in your home. If you are unsure what soft furnishings are. It includes cushions, blankets, shower curtains and any other fabrics you can think of. 

Window blinds and curtains are a great way to customise your windows. However, we advise you to visit your local blinds store such as blinds in Surrey or window blinds in Merseyside. The reason why we suggest you visit a store is because you can get an idea of how the colour will look in your room.

Both window blinds and curtains can be expensive so make sure you pick the right ones before they are custom built for your home. Amazon might be good for many items in your home but windows are something that they are not good for. 

There are many ways to customise your home to make it feel like it is yours. However, before you make changes, we advise you to speak to your landlord first. If you don’t, they might take money away from the deposit you gave them before you moved in.