30 Most Famous Architects Around the World

World Famous Architects
Here is an introduction to the most famous architects creating great architecture globally.

1. Konstantin Melnikov 1890 - 1974
Konstantin Melnikov was a Russian architect influenced by constructivist architecture. Konstantin Stepanovich Melnikov was born on 3rd August 1890 in Moscow, Russia. He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture, Russia. He created the design for Melnikov House, the cylindrical house in Moscow from 1927 to 1929. His other noted projects are Rusakov Workers’ Club, Moscow; Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes Russian pavilion, Paris; Kauchuk Club; Gosplan Garage; Svoboda Factory Club and others. He died on 28th November 1974 in Moscow, Russia.

2. Moisei Ginzburg 1892 - 1946
Moisei Ginzburg was a Soviet architect influenced by constructivist architecture. Moisei Yakovlevich Ginzburg was born on 4th June, 1892, in Minsk, Belarus. He studied at the Milano Academy in 1914. He further studied at the Riga Technical University in 1917. His noted projects are the Narkomfin Building, Moscow, Russia; and others. Moisei Ginzburg died on 7th January 1946 in Moscow, Russia at the age of 53.

3. Luis Barragan 1902 - 1988
Luis Barragan was a Mexican engineer and architect. He won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1980. Luis Ramiro Barragan Morfin was born on 9th March 1902 in Jalisco, Mexico. In 1923, he studied at the Escuela Libre de Ingenieros, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The architect designed a house for himself. Luis Barragan House and Studio was built in 1948 in Mexico in Distrito Federal. It is a great example of mid-century modern architecture with contemporary elements complemented with vernacular architecture. Luis Barragan House is used as a museum today that has the architect’s residence as well as his architectural workshop. Foundation for Architecture Luis Barragan Tapatio and the Government of the State of Jalisco own this masterpiece. Luis Barragan's architecture includes Jardines del Pedregal housing, Mexico City; Lomas Verdes, Mexico City and others. The architect Luis Barragan died on 22nd November 1988 in Mexico City, Mexico.

4. Ivan Leonidov 1902 - 1959
Ivan Leonidov was a Russian architect, urban designer and painter. He was also an educationist. The Soviet architecture was influenced by constructivist architecture. Ivan Ilyich Leonidov was born on 9th February 1902 in Tver Governorate, Russia. He studied at the SVOMAS art school and then at the VKhUTEMAS art school. He worked for Soviet architect Moisei Ginzburg. Ivan Leonidov died on 6th November 1959 in Moscow, Russia.

5. Oscar Niemeyer 1907 - 2012
Oscar Niemeyer was a Brazilian architect influenced by modern architecture. Oscar Niemeyer was born on 15th December 1907 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He attended Escola d Belas Artes. He studied at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro later. He played a major part in the development of Brazilian architecture. He won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1988. He was awarded the Royal Institute of British Architects Gold Medal in 1998. Oscar Niemeyer buildings include the United Nations headquarters; Palacio do Planalto; National Congress of Brazil; Gustavo Capanema Palace and others. He died in 2012 on 5th December in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

6. Bo Bardi 1914 – 1992
Bo Bardi was a Brazilian architect of the 20th century. She was considered to be one of the most impressive architects of modernist-era architecture. Lina Achillina Bo was born on 5th December 1914 in Rome, Italy. She completed her architecture degree from the University of Rome. When she graduated, she went to Milan and met Gio Ponti. The expressive architect was also Quiaderni di Domus magazine’s editor. Besides architecture, world-famous architect Lina Bo Bardi was also into art, graphic design and furniture design. One of her famed projects is the Centro de Lazer Fabrica da Pompeia (SESC). The Italian-born architect Bo Bardi died on 29th March 1992 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

7. Minnette De Silva 1918 - 1998
Minnette De Silva was a widely renowned Sri Lankan architect highly influenced by modern architecture. She was among the founders of Marg, an Indian art journal. Minnette De Silva was born on 1st February 1918 in Kandy, Ceylon (Sri Lanka). She studied architecture at the Sir Jansetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art. She worked for German architect Otto Konigsberger in Bangalore. She later enrolled at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. She founded her architecture firm, Minnette de Silva Associates. Her notable projects are Kandy Art Centre, Karunaratne House, Kandy; Red Cross Hall, Kandy and others. She won the SLIA Gold Medal in 1996. She died on 24th November 1998 in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

8. Robin Boyd 1919 - 1971
Robin Boyd was an Australian architect. He was an author and educator. Robin Gerard Penleigh Boyd was born on 3rd January 1919. His notable buildings are Baker House; Domain Park Flats; Featherston House; Boyd House II; Black Dolphin Motel; Verge House and several others. He won the RAIA Gold Medal in 1969. He died on 16th October 1971 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

9. Arthur Erickson 1924 – 2009
Arthur Erickson was a Canadian architect as well as an urban planner. He won the American Institute of Architects AIA Gold Medal, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada RAIC Gold Medal and the Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA Honorary Fellowship.

Arthur Charles Erickson was born on 14th June 1924 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He learned Asian languages from the University of British Columbia before studying at the School of Architecture of McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His most famed projects are the Museum of Glass (MOG), Washington, US; Robson Square, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Roy Thomson Hall, concert hall, Toronto, Canada and Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada. He died on 20th May 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the age of 84 years.

10. Vann Molyvann 1926 - 2017
Vann Molyvann was a Cambodian architect influenced by the New Khmer Architecture movement. He was born on 23rd November 1926 in Kampot, Cambodia. He studied at the Beaux Arts de Paris. His famous projects are the National Sports Complex; Chaktomuk Conference Hall; Independence Monument, Phnom Penh and others. He passed away on 28th September 2017 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

11. Norma Merrick Sklarek 1926 - 2012
Norma Merrick Sklarek was an African American architect. She is known for her design for the American Consulate in Tokyo, Japan.

Norma Merrick Sklarek was born on 15th April 1926 in Harlem neighbourhood, New York, America. She studied at Barnard College. Later she attended the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, New York. She worked for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Later she joined Gruen Associates and Welton Becket Associates. She founded her firm, Siegel, Sklarek and Diamond, in 1985. Her major accomplishments are the Terminal One of the Los Angeles International Airport; Pacific Design Center; California Mart; Fox Hills Mall and others. She died on 6th February 2012.

12. Rifat Chadirji 1926 - 2020
Rifat Chadirji was an Iraqi architect and photographer. He was an activist as well as a writer. He was born on 6th December 1926 in Baghdad, Iraq. He won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. His major projects include The Monument to the Unknown Soldier; Rafiq Residence; Tobacco Warehouse; Hussain Jamil Residence; Central Post Office and others. Rifat Chadirji died on 10th April 2020 in London, Britain.

13. Phyllis Lambert 1927
Phyllis Lambert is a Canadian architect, humanist and philanthropist. Phyllis Barbara Lambert was born on 24th January 1927 in Montreal, Canada. She attended The Study School, Westmount, Quebec and later at Vassar College, New York. One of her noted projects is the Canadian Centre for Architecture. National Building Museum awarded her with the Vincent Scully Prize in 2006.

14. Raimund Abraham 1933 - 2010
Raimund Abraham was an Austrian American architect. Raimund Johann Abraham was born on 23rd July 1933 in East Tyrol, Austria. He studied at the Graz University of Technology, Styria, Austria. He founded his practice in 1959 in Vienna. He moved to America in 1964. His architectural designs were inspired by merging the traditions of Vienna with sculpture. His architectural masterpieces include the Austrian Cultural Forum, New York and others. He died on 4th March 2010 in Los Angeles, California, America.

15. Henri Ciriani 1936
Henri Ciriani is a Peruvian architect as well as a teacher influenced by modern architecture. In 1964, he migrated to Paris. His remarkable projects are the kitchen at St. Antoine Hospital, Paris; Noisy II housing; Museum of the Great War, Peronne; San Felipe housing, Lima and others. Henri Enrique Ciriani was born on 30th December 1936 in Lima, Peru.

16. Glenn Murcutt 1936
Glenn Murcutt is an Australian architect influenced by organic architecture. Glenn Murcutt Houses are widely known for their spectacular designs. Glenn Marcus Murcutt was born on 25th July 1936 in London, United Kingdom. He studied at Manly Boys’ School. He enrolled at the Sydney Technical College to study architecture. He worked with Australian architects Sydney Ancher and Neville Gruzman. Later he joined the offices of Ken Woolley and Bryce Mortlock.

His famed architectural masterpieces are Fredericks House, Jamberoo, New South Wales; Magney House; Marie Short House; Ball Eastaway House; Arthur and Yvonne Boyd Education Centre; Bowali Visitor Information Centre, Kakadu National Park and others. He was honoured with the Alvar Aalto Medal in 1992. He was the winner of the Pritzker Prize for architecture in 2002. He won the American Institute of Architects AIA Gold Medal.

17. Moshe Safdie 1938
Moshe Safdie is an Israeli architect and urban designer. He is also an author, educator and theorist. He is a citizen of America, Canada and Israel. He was born on 14th July 1938 in Haifa, Palestine. He initially attended Westmount High School. Moshe Safdie studied at the McGill School of Architecture. He founded his firm Safdie Architects in 1964. His major projects are the National Gallery of Canada; Habitat 67; Salt Lake City Public Library; Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts; Jewel Changi Airport and others.

18. Kerry Hill 1943 – 2018
Kerry Hill was a remarkable Australian architect. He designed several hotels. He was a design expert for hotel designs, particularly in tropical Asian places. Kerry Hill AO was born in 1943 in Perth, Australia. He attended Perth Technical College. He studied architecture at the University of Western Australia and completed his graduation in the year 1968. He joined Howlett & Bailey Architects based in Perth in 1969 and worked till 1971. He worked with Palmer & Turner. In 1979, he founded his architectural firm Kerry Hill Architects, Singapore. He created global architecture. His noted works are The Darwin Centre, Darwin, Australia; The Chedi Hotel, Indonesia; Armitage Hill Hotel, Sri Lanka; The Serai Hotel, Indonesia; Ooi House, Western Australia; Pavilion, Singapore Cricket Association, Singapore; The Lalu, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan; City of Perth Library and many others. He won the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) Gold Medal in 2006. He died on 26th August 2018.

19. Rasem Badran 1945
Rasem Badran is a Jordanian Palestinian architect. Rasem Jamal Badran was born in 1945. He attended school in Ramallah. He studied architecture at Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany.

20. Ken Yeang 1948
Ken Yeang is a prominent Malaysian architect, urbanist and ecologist. He is also an author. He is well recognized for his eco-friendly architecture and ecological master planning projects. Ken Yeang was born on 6th October 1948 in Penang, Malaysia. He was educated at the Penang Free School and later enrolled at Cheltenham College, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. He studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, UK. He opened his firm Ken Yeang Design International with regional offices in North Hamzah Yeang Architectural & Engineering Co. in China and North Hamzah Yeang in Malaysia. His famed projects include Beijing Mega Hall North; Chongqing Tower, China; The Roof Roof House, Malaysia; National Library, Singapore; Ganendra Art House, Malaysia and others.

21. Wang Shu 1963
Wang Shu is a Chinese architect from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. He serves as the dean at the China National Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture. Wang Shu was born on 4th November 1963 in Xinjiang, China. He studied architecture at the Southeast University, Jiangsu, China for graduation and post-graduation. He was also educated at Tongji University, Shanghai, China for his doctorate program. He founded his own firm Amateur Architecture Studio with his wife Lu Wenyu in 1997. His key achievements are the Ningbo Museum, the campus of Xiangshan, the China National Academy of Fine Arts and others. He won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2012.

22. Rafiq Azam 1963 - 2017
Rafiq Azam is a renowned Bengali architect. Muhammad Rafiq Azam was born on 29th December 1963. He studied at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and graduated in 1989. The principal architect of the architectural firm, Shatotto Architecture is Muhammad Rafiq Azam. His famous projects are South Water Garden; Meghna Residence; SA Residence and others. He won the World Architecture Festival Award for Aga Khan Academy in Bangladesh in 2017.

23. Leila Araghian
Leila Araghian is an Iranian architect. She studied architectural education at Shahid Beheshti University. She completed her Master of Architecture from a well-known university in Canada, the University of British Columbia. There she was honored by the Henry Elder Prize for UBC Architecture Alumni. She established her architecture and membrane structures manufacturing firm Diba Tensile Architecture. Her notable projects are Tabiat Bridge, Tehran and others. Leila Araghian won Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) in 2016.

24. Kunlé Adeyemi 1976
Kunlé Adeyemi is an influential Nigerian architect and researcher. He also serves as an urbanist. Adekunlé Adeyemi was born on 7th April 1976 in Kaduna, Nigeria. He attended the University of Lagos, Nigeria for graduation in architecture. He completed his master's from Princeton University, America. After finishing his studies, he joined The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). He founded his architecture firm NLE (at home) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His famous projects are the Qatar Foundation building, Doha; Leeum Museum; Shenzhen Stock Exchange and others.

25. Lina Ghotmeh
Lina Ghotmeh is a humanist architect. She was born in 1980s in Beirut, Lebanon. She initially desired to be an archaeologist. However, she studied architecture at the American University of Beirut. Lina Ghotmeh won the AJAP Young Architects Award in the year 2008 granted by the French Ministry of Culture. Lina Ghotmeh's architecture was also honoured by the DEJEAN Prize awarded by the Architecture Academy in the year 2016.

26. Tosin Oshinowo
Tosin Oshinowo is a leading Nigerian architect and author. She studied at Kingston College London graduating in architecture. She completed her post-graduation from the Barlett School of Architecture. In 2012, Tosin Oshinowo founded her architectural firm, CmDesign Atelier. She also established a furnishing business, Ile ila. Her famed project is Maryland Mall, Lagos.

27. Stefan Antoni
Stefan Antoni is a South African Architect, from Cape Town. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Stefan Antoni founded the architectural firm, Stefan Antoni Architects in 1987. It is now known as Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects – SAOTA. His notable projects are SKA House, Nigeria; La Grande Vue 5A, South Africa; Beyond, South Africa and several other remarkable works.

28. Amale Andraos
Amale Andraos is a Lebanese architect based in New York, America. She serves as the dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University.

She was born in 1973 in Beirut, Lebanon. She studied at McGill University, Montreal for architecture. She completed her master's of architecture from Harvard University. She owns an architectural firm, WORKac, in New York City that she founded with Dan Wood, her husband. Her major projects include the Miami Museum Garage; Wieden + Kennedy advertising agency; New Holland Island Cultural Center and others.

Amale Andraos served as a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design; Princeton University; American University in Beirut and the University of Pennsylvania.

29. Kulapat Yantrasast
Kulapat Yantrasast is a Thai architect and leader in the fields of architecture, design and art. Kulapat Yantrasast was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He studied architecture at the Chulalongkorn University. Later he was educated at the University of Tokyo for his master's and doctorate degrees. He worked for Japanese architect Tadao Ando. In 2003, he co-founded wHY, a design firm based in Los Angeles. He designed several projects such as Speed Art Museum, Kentucky; Grand Rapids Art Museum, Michigan; EPA Center Arts; Harvard Art Museums; Marciano Art Foundation and others. He won the Silpathron Award.

30. Pitsou Kedem
Pitsou Kedem is an Israeli architect. He graduated from the Architectural Association School AA, London. Pitsou Kedem Architects Studio is an architectural firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was established in 2000 by architect Pitsou Kedem.

31. Geoffrey Bawa 1919 - 2003
Geoffrey Bawa was an Influential Srilankan architect. He emphasized tropical modern architecture or tropical modernism. He was born on 23rd July 1919. He studied at the Royal College, Colombo and later at the St. Catharine's College, Cambridge. His major projects include Lunuganga Estate (Geoffrey Bawa house), Bentota, Sri Lanka; Hotel, Pondicherry, India; Martenstyn House, Colombo; Wimal Fernando House; Samy House, Eqypt and many others. He died on 27th May 2003.

32. Gawie Fagan
Gawie Fagan was a remarkable architect from South Africa. Gabriel Theron Fagan was born on 15th November 1925. He completed his graduation in 1952. He worked at the Dias Musem, Mossel Bay. He died on 13th September 2020. 

Incredible Design Studios & Famous Architects Today Across the World
There are several famous architects today running the best architecture firms across the world.

1. Kosmos Architects
Kosmos Architects is an international architecture and art firm based in Moscow, New York, Zurich and Graz. They are the top architects widely known for their design projects.

2. BVN Architecture
BNV is a studio of architecture, in Australia with offices in America and England too. It has design offices in Brisbane, Australia; Sydney, Australia; London, England and New York, USA.

3. Mir Architecture
Mir Architecture is a design studio based in Bergen, Norway that focuses on making portraits and artwork of unbuilt architecture.

4. Penda Architecture
Penda Architecture is an architectural firm in Beijing and Vienna. It was founded in 2012 by Dayong Sun and Chris Precht.

5. Hariri Pontarini Architects
Hariri Pontarini Architects is an architecture, design and urban planning firm based in Canada. Siamak Hariri, born in 1958, is the founder of the leading architectural firm, Hariri Pontarini Architects. They are the top architects of the country.

6. VTN Architects
VTN Architects or Vo Trong Nghia Architects is a multidisciplinary architectural design firm in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

7. Jcb Architects
Jcb Architects or Jackson Clements Burrows Architects is an architecture company located in Melbourne, Australia. Jackson Clements Burrows Architects was founded by Tim Jackson along with Jon Clements and Graham Burrows in 1998.

8. Kosmos Architects
Kosmos Architects is an international architecture and art firm based in Moscow, New York, Zurich and Graz.

9. Tectonic Architecture
Tectonic Architecture is an architecture firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

10. Vector Architects
Vector Architects is an architecture firm based in Beijing, China.

11. Sibling Architecture
Sibling Architecture is an architectural firm based in Melbourne, Australia. The firm focuses on the needs and requirements of society. 

12. Revery Architecture
Revery Architecture is an architecture firm based in Vancouver, Canada.

13. Niche Architecture
Niche Architecture is an architecture firm.

14. Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture is an architecture firm based in Thailand.